Choosing a preschool or childcare center for your child and family can be a daunting experience.  There are so many options and price points, how do you decide?  There are a few criteria that you have likely already considered: price, location, age range, hours, the facility, etc.  Those are all important, but so is having a clear, defined curriculum and programs.

A certified curriculum is a signal the daycare center is focused on helping your child learn and grow, not just acting as an on-site babysitter.  Ideally there are lesson plans for each week, with appropriate adjustments made for different age groups.

Because childhood education isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, a great child care center will have different programs and sometimes more than one curriculum offering for different age groups and even learning styles.

If you’re considering a daycare or preschool in Florida or elsewhere, be sure to ask about their programs.  Ask the center director “what is the theme this week?” for your child’s age group.  They should be able to answer right away – that’s a good indication the center is organized and focused on education.  Ask about programs for different age groups, “how does your toddler program differ from your preschool program?”

If the answer is prompt and understandable, that’s another good sign that the center is organized and well-run.  Lastly, ask about the teacher experience and overall center credentials and accreditation.  Just like you wouldn’t want to send a high schooler off to a school that isn’t credentialed, your childcare center choice should also be approved by state or national organizations.

If you have any questions about what makes a good preschool program, give the nearest Florida Kids Depot Preschool Academy center a call and we will be happy to talk about our programs, and why we choose them.