We’re pleased to announce that all nine Kids Depot Preschool Academies are integrating additional curriculum items in our centers!  After much research and due diligence, we are rolling out the Learn Every Day curriculum, and in addition we’re incorporating the Nemours Brighstart! Literacy Focus for preschool ages 3-5 (including VPK).

Learn Every Day

Learn Every Day is a comprehensive curriculum based on research and developed by national experts.  It consists of 36 units and more than 1,300 activities, incorporating literacy, math, science, social studies and creative arts.  The lessons available to teachers include multisensory activities for all learning styles.

The curriculum addresses arts and creativity, cognitive skills, communication, literacy, mathematics, personal health and development, science constructs, social and emotional skills, and social studies.  Learn Every Day will be utilized in classrooms starting with infants and through age five.

Nemours BrightStart!

Nemours BrightStart! is designed to help children learn to read.  The program researches, develops and offers evidence-based tools targeting young children at risk for reading failure. The goal is to effectively instruct children at the very beginning of their reading journey to ensure long-term reading success.

The Nemours BrightStart! multifaceted approach includes:

  • reading readiness screening
  • early educational instruction
  • professional development for educators and health professionals
  • health care provider programs
  • parent education
  • research and evaluation

Nemours BrightStart! is utilized in preschool classrooms starting at age 3 and through age 5, including VPK.  Parents can learn more about BrightStart!, here.